Welcome to Friends of Himalaya

Himalaya is yours, therefore SAVE it:

Himalaya is not only ours, not only India’s or Asia’s, but Himalaya belongs to the entire World. It affects the social, economic, political and environmental spheres and in turn is affected by these.

That’s why, we the teachers and students from different universities, institutions and also people from different walks of life, who once belonged to the Himalayas formed this group. Even at the time, we formed this group, we did not even have the slightest impression of having any political, economical, social and cultural hegemony over the Himalaya.  Himalaya belongs to all; all are friends of Himalaya, now it’s up to the person whether he/she fulfills their loyalty as friends of Himalaya, or act as an enemy while being a ‘Friend’.

At present, the Himalaya is passing through a testing time. In some places fire power is being used for political existence and in other places they are making Dams and doing Mining in the name of so called development, and while doing all these, they are rupturing the soul of political, cultural, economic, and social fabric of the Himalaya. The Himalaya influences the entire world, so it is natural that any good or bad that occurs in the world will also affect the Himalaya.

 In this time of global warming and climate change, the Himalaya is not unaffected. The small streams are drying up, the glaciers are retreating, bio diversity is diminishing;  heavy and scanty rain occurs,  droughts, cloudbursts, floods, hunger, migration have become  part of daily life.

Friend of Himalaya belongs to specially those people who are active in the areas of political, economic, social, environmental and cultural spheres. In lieu of this we aim to create a platform for like minded organizations and individuals to work in cohesion towards addressing these issues in a holistic and well organized manner. This would entail both discussion and action through advocacy and implementation.