Vision Statement:

‘Friends of Himalayas’ is endeavoring to:

  1. Develop inter-linkages between various efforts being made for the cause of Himalayas at the grass roots, local, state and national levels.
  2. Integrate research, advocacy and communication to create pressure groups at various levels.
  3. To bring together the various actors of civil society (media, academics, NGOs, researchers) in a common platform to create pressure group for influencing the planning and policies.
  4. To generate debate on the issues affecting the most down trodden and marginalized sections of population in the region.
  5. To function as a resource center for information support to the youth, students and others (media, academics, NGOs, researchers).

Note:   These are the vision statement of ‘Friends of Uttarakhand’ developed around Year 2000 that time it was basically a student group’ formed to support the cause of Uttarakhand, but now after six year the scenario has been changed. We will redefine the vision, mission as well as the working of the Forum. Now this forum will work as a Professional Institution. 

Immediate future Plane:

  • Many individual, grass root organizations, CBOs in the Himalayas are working with dedication, giving good result; but neither their work is getting financial support nor recognition. In the process many efforts (technological as well social), which have potential to replicate to give benefits to the larger community or area fizzle out because of non recognition and lake of financial support. 

So, we have decided to ‘study and network’ these efforts (initially of Himachal and Uttarakhand) in a larger canvas, so that these efforts could form a pressure group or inter-linkages to support each other.